Euro Cave F -120 Wine Cellar (117 bottles)

  • Euro Cave F -120 Wine Cellar (117 bottles)
  • Euro Cave F -120 Wine Cellar (117 bottles)
  • Item#
  • 20439333
  • Dollars:
  • $ 2,900.00
  • Our Price:
  • $ 1,961.00
  • Colones:
  • ₡ 1,450,000.00
  • Quantity

  • Producer: Euro Cave
  • Country: France
  • Model: First 120 (F-120)
  • Capacity: 117 bottles
  • Size (H x W x D)cm : 105 x 65,5 x 69
  • Power/Consumption : 110W/0.7kWh
  • Equipment: 2 fixed wooden shelves

  • Information:

    The FIRST

    To accompany your first steps into the world of the wine enthusiast, EuroCave suggest the FIRST. A 1-temperature cabinet, the FIRST recreates the exact conditions of a natural cellar and guarantees a constant temperature of between 10 and 14C. The quality of the wine is preserved intact, and for a long time to come.

    1. An optimal set-up

    Equipped with two storage shelves, the FIRST provides all the usage convenience of a EuroCave cabinet. Its set-up can evolve over time with shelves from the compatible Comfort Range.

    2. A convenient capacity

    The FIRST anticipates your wish to build a fine cellar. With a capacity of 117 bottles, you will be well on your way.

    3. Easy temperature monitoring

    The inside temperature of the FIRST may be monitored at a glance, without opening it, with the convenient display panel located at the cabinet's base.

    4. A discreet colour

    Available in a unique granite black finish, the FIRST fits easily into any colour scheme and is easy to clean and maintain.

    5. Easy to install

    The FIRST may be installed in any room with an ambient temperature between 0 and 35C.

    6. A Reversible door

    The FIRST will adapt to any location with its door that may simply be changed from right to left opening.

    7. An advantageous price

    The FIRST provides an entry to the luxury world of EuroCave at an affordable price.